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Dr. Desai utilizes cutting-edge tools to perform a thorough health assessment that includes an extensive evaluation of aging. She assists in maximizing your well-being and minimizing the effects of aging by conducting an in-depth aging assessment, analyzing the underlying causes of symptoms, and employing other techniques. Dr. Desai’s approach addresses the root cause of issues such as low energy, poor sleep quality, weakened immune system, weight gain, fluctuations in mood, as well as skin and hair health and hormonal imbalances

Slow Down Aging and Optimize Health

Asses Your Genetics, Lab Markers, Nutrition, Fitness, & Lifestyle

Optimizing the 8 Pillars of Health

Nutrition + Gut Health

After a comprehensive nutritional, lab, and genetic analysis get personalized macronutrient breakdowns, supplement recommendations, and meal suggestions for optimal performance.

Metabolism + Training

Understand the best training methods for your body – what workouts to do, how to facilitate muscle recovery, supplement recommendations, and meal planning to help reach your goals.

Sleep + Mindfulness

 Focused recommendations for mental health and sleep quality. We determine your circadian rhythm, sleep requirements, and optimal sleep conditions for longevity and vitality.

Hormone Optimization

Hormones have over 400 functions! Whether you are reaching peri-menopause, menopause, or just want to maintain hormone health, Dr Desai will work with you to help optimize your hormones.

Mindfulness/Meditation/Stress Management

Learn techniques that work for you. Stress can affect so many aspects of our health. Work with your doctor to learn more about your stress levels and how to manage them to live a healthier life.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is included in the concierge membership? Is Dr. Desai my primary care doctor?

Dr. Desai provide an in-depth analysis  to help optimize your health. Your wellness assessment includes access to 60+ lab markers and insights about genetics, nutrition, and more. Every set of labs, radiology imaging, and assessment is personally reviewed by Dr. Desai. Lastly, Dr. Desai works very closely with your primary care doctor and referrals. Dr. Desai will not replace the need to have a primary care doctor.

 How is this different than my annual physician with my primary care physician? doctor?

Dr. Desai’s health and aging assessment is more comprehensive than a typical annual physical at your doctors. Dr. Desai’s assessment includes over 60+ lab markers, genetic testing, and assessments that give insight into your heart, thyroid, immune system, hormones, metabolism, and skin. Dr Desai spends over 60 minutes at every visit. She provides 4 visits per year. 

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