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Boutique Practice Delivering White Glove Service

Having a trained ER physician as your doctor provides peace of mind that no matter how complicated the illness you will be taken care of.

Appointments with Dr. Poonam Desai are now available (only for patients in New York).

Dr. Desai’s program uses a holistic, evidence-based approach to address your concerns.



  1. Functional medicine approach
  2. Nutrition counseling based on your labs, testing’s, and lifestyle.
  3. Genomic testing , analysis, and recommendations
  4. Anti-aging testing , analysis, and recommendations
  5. Root cause analysis
  6. Personalized supplement recommendations – what supplements should you be taking
  7. Personalized fitness counseling – what workouts are best for you
  8. Sleep counseling
  9. Stress management counseling
  10. Medical sustainable weight loss program