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The Shocking Lifestyle Changes To Make To Live Longer And Healthier

An anti-aging, longevity-focused health optimization course focused on 1. Gut Health 2. Hormone health. 3. Sleep Health

Course Overview

    You will become an expert on your own health.

    Dr. Desai will provide a 3-day course where she will do a deep dive into 1. Gut Health 2. Hormone Health 3. Sleep Health. You will walk away with immediate changes you can make NOW to optimize your health.

    Who is this course for


    if you are ready to optimize your health in 2023


    If you are ready to focus on anti-aging and longevity-focused lifestyle change


    If you are ready to learn more about gut health, hormone health, and weight loss

    What you’ll get out of this course

    • 10 immediate lifestyle changes to make now
    • You will walk away with 10 evidence-based lifestyle changes to make NOW to help you live longer and healthier!
    • Increase your energy, optimize your metabolism, and learn how to achieve a healthy weight.
    • Become more energetic and optimize your metabolism. Achieve your weight goals without fad diets! No more fearing food and no more restrictive diets. Incorporate healthy habits that leave you feeling more energetic while accomplishing your weight goals.
    • Become an expert on your health
    • Gain the tools you need to optimize your health, anti-aging, and longevity. Learn evidence-based information that helps you live a healthier, longer life.
    • How to sleep better without drugs
    • Learn the importance of sleep, how many hours are ideal, and how to achieve optimal sleep without sleep medications!
    • How to optimize your gut health
    • Learn what changes you can be making in your diet and lifestyle to better your gut health.