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Dr. Poonam Desai is a leader in the health industry working with high-profile clients worldwide. Employing a holistic and integrative approach, she created personalized plans to optimize health and mitigate aging.

Dr. Desai’s concierge program encompasses genetic analysis, laboratory results, gut microbiome evaluation, lifestyle factors, and cutting-edge imaging and anti-aging tests. Her expertise spans precision medicine, functional medicine, anti-aging and longevity, fitness, nutrition, and health optimization.

Having witnessed potentially life-threatening conditions from preventable and chronic diseases as an ER doctor, Dr. Desai felt compelled to make a difference by focusing on disease prevention and lifestyle modifications. This drive led her to obtain board certification in lifestyle medicine, pursue a fellowship in precision medicine, and complete courses in functional medicine and anti-aging, all aimed at empowering individuals to optimize their health and prevent diseases.

Dr. Desai, an osteopathic physician, is double-boarded in Lifestyle Medicine and Emergency Medicine. Additionally, she is fellowship trained in point-of-care ultrasound and precision medicine. In addition to her concierge medicine practice, she currently serves as an emergency medicine physician at a Level 1 trauma center in New York City. With a remarkable tenure of over 8 years as academic faculty at Weill Cornell Medical School and New York Presbyterian Queens, including a role as Ultrasound Director for over 5 years, Dr. Desai exemplifies her commitment to advancing medical education.

Beyond her devotion to medicine, Dr. Desai is a professional dancer. Being a working mother herself, she deeply understands the challenges of balancing multiple roles and the significance of self-care. Driven by her experiences, she aspires to guide individuals toward living healthier and longer lives.

Dr. Poonam Desai’s multifaceted expertise spans adult and pediatric emergency medicine, concierge medicine, precision medicine, anti-aging, and longevity medicine. Her ultimate objective is to help individuals attain optimal health and enhance longevity.

Dr. Poonam Desai

Practices Adult and Pediatric Emergency Medicine

Practices Concierge Medicine

Board-certified in Emergency Medicine and Lifestyle Medicine

Fellowship Trained in Precision Medicine

Anti-Aging & Longevity Expert

Fellowship Trained in Emergency Ultrasound

Assistant Professor of Emergency Medicine at Weill Cornell Medical College

Former Ultrasound Director and Core Academic Faculty at New York at Presbyterian Queens