With Father’s day around the corner, I have been thinking a lot about the best fathers day gift for my little one’s  dad. Since she cannot help me decide,  I will be doing this all on my own. Here are some great Father’s day gift ideas I found:

  • Personalized books for daddy – Since reading is one of our favourite activities to do with her, why not get a personalized book for daddy and baby to read together?! Here is where I ordered mine!  Personalized book
  • Picture frames – While Iphones make it so easy for us to capture every moment, they also make it harder for us be motivated to print photos. A gorgeous photo of daddy and daughter would be a perfect gift. I can directly send my photos to these sites to get them printed and framed! Frameology 
  • Wall Art – I am always looking for ways to fill space on our walls. This is such a good way to incorporate a photo of daddy and her on our walls while also being such a great aesthetic piece.  It is a custom portrait made from a photo of my choice. Make sure to pick a photo with great lighting for best results. Fairlightco
  • Massage – Being a parent is tough and since she does not walk yet, we carry her often! We also find it so hard to find time for ourselves. I think treating the best daddy to a little wellness is awesome. A spa day or relaxing massage would be an awesome stress relief.
  • Breakfast with daddy – cooking up his favourite meal to enjoy with his favourite person! I have been looking up lots of great recipes.