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Starting my day with delicious California oranges

    As a mom and a full-time physician, I believe the key to productivity is a good morning. A great day begins with a great start! The morning routine sets the tone for the entire day

    I start my day by focusing on one of the most important pillars of good health – nutrition. My husband and I love starting our day with fruit! Did you know about three-fourths of the U.S. population has an eating pattern that is below the recommended intake of fruit?!

    Today we started our day with some yummy, juicy California oranges. The combined benefits of their nutrients and phytochemicals – and even their uplifting flavor and scent – have a positive effect on starting the day, which in turn, helps us all finish it stronger. When shopping for oranges, choose fruit that smells fresh and feels heavy for its size – that tells you its juicy and packed with goodness. A single California orange can go a very long way and each one offers 70-100% of the recommended daily amount of vitamin C. Sometimes I incorporate them into a great post-workout juice, adding in some carrots, turmeric, dash of black pepper, and chia seeds. I’ll also stock up and can keep oranges fresh for up to three weeks—by storing them in the refrigerator at a temperature below 42 degrees. Don’t want to lose the nutritional value.

    I also recommend to not waste anything! Make sure to put leftover or cut oranges in the fridge within 2 hours. Leftover slices are great to add to your water bottle to stay hydrated throughout the day and get more flavor and nutritional benefits.

    Head out to your local grocery store and get yourselves some California oranges! For more information visit