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My List of Baby Essentials for the First 6 Months!

    My List of Baby Essentials for the first 6 Months!

    As a first-time mom, I wanted to make sure I was ready with all the “things” I needed for my baby. I wanted to make sure she had it all so she can grow and develop the best of her ability. I wanted to make sure I had it all so I can make my life as a new mom easier and to maximize my time with her!

    Well, let me tell you most of the things out there you probably do NOT need. Save your money and save time! Here is a list of my must have items for the first 6 months!

    • Baby Bottles – I opted for glass bottles. They contain no harmful chemicals, they are easier to clean, and much easier to warm milk in! My favorites were Dr. browns anti colic glass bottles.
    • Bottle Nipples – Make sure you buy the right size! We started with preemie and moved on to size 1. Talk to your pediatrician about the best option
    • Breast pump – if you plan on breast feeding, invest in a good pump! I wanted to make sure I was able to get help from my husband and nanny in helping feed the baby. I would pump and they would be able to help feed her. I also got a portable breast pump for work! Always best to check with your insurance and see what is covered!
    • Onesies – Do not buy too many! I am sure you have been told that many times, but really do NOT! They grow out of them so quickly! Also, zipper onesIes ALWAYS! I really did not want to be snapping 10 buttons in the middle of the night!
    • Good diapers – We bought soft, super absorbant diapers! This prevented middle of the night wake ups from having wet diapers. My favorite is Coterie diapers!
    • Play gym – We would put her on the floor for tummy time and play time every day! A good play gym with a play mat was so helpful to play on, practicing tummy time, or just hang out on. Lovevery has amazing play mats that come with a play gym. There were so many developmental activities on the mat as well. We used this from day 1 and are still using it at 6 months! A good investment indeed!
    • Stroller – A good sturdy stroller was a must for us. We lived in NYC when she was born and them moved to the burbs when she was about 3 months. We loved our Uppababy Vista V2 stroller. It was easy to navigate to store, easy to navigate it around city, super easy to assemble. I also love that it came with a bassinet and a toddler seat.
    • Monitor – I am obsessed with our baby monitor. We use the Nanit. It streams directly onto our phones which allows both parents to have access to it on our phones from ANYWHERE! We can see her when we were out shopping or sitting on our couch. The image is super sharp and clear, has a temperature and humidity sensor, give me real time alerts of any sound, movements, and even temperature changes. The best thing is that is also tracks her sleep! It also has a two-way audio so sometimes I talk into it to her:)
    • Toys – I will link these on my amazon page. For the most part, I stuck with wooden toys that were developmentally appropriate. No toys with lots of sounds or lights.
    • A good diaper bag – I found one that was easy to clean, lots of pockets, has a little changing pad! I literally stuff it with diapers, toys, clothes, bibs!
    • Bib – speaking of bibs, we go through lots and lots of bibs! I found it worth investing in soft bibs with Velcro instead of snaps!
    • Milk warmer – I initially hesitated in getting a milk warmer thinking I do not need to warm the milk. I was wrong. I put my pumped milk in the fridge and it was really too cold for her at times. I use Dr. Browns milk warmer.
    • Swaddle blankets – I found the ollie was super easy to use! I tried to swaddle her so many times on my own and could not figure it out! I also was tired and really did not have it in me to learn the skill of swaddling. I thus found the ollie swaddle with Velcro so easy to use! She loved it and we loved it.
    • Sleep sacks – I tried so many sleep sacks as she transitioned into a crib! My favorite is the Halo sleep sack and Kyte Baby! I use different TOG based on the weather.
    • Books – we were gifted so many amazing books. I will link all these on my amazon page. We love reading to her every night

    I hope this helped! I am sure there is much more but here are a few things to get you started in preparing for the little one!