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Birthplan – My Questions and Topics to Consider

    Do you have a birthplan? I got asked that a lot. There are so many things to think about when it comes to a birth plan  I created a list of points that are a good starting point for having conversations with your doctor and partner about what is the best birth plan for you and your family. 

    Prior to Delivery:

    • If you go past your due date, do you want to consider an induction?
    • Would you be open to an induction starting at 39 weeks?
      • For both of these options, great to talk to your doctor about their practice and poliic


    • Do you want an epidural? (I opted for an epidural catheter to placed as soon as possible. I could always decide to turn on and off the medications via the epidural as I see fit.)
    • Do you want IV fluids?
    • Do you want to be given pitocin during labor to help with contractions?
    • Do you want husband to assist in catching the baby?
    • Do you want to feel the baby’s head as you are pushing?
    • Do you want husband to help cut the umbilical cord?
    • Do you want to keep the placenta?


    • Do you want the baby to be placed on Mom’s chest right after birth?
    • Do you want newborn procedures (vitamin K shot and antibiotic eye ointment) while baby on mom?
    • Do you want your baby to get a bath right after birth in the hospital or to wait until you are ready?

    Post Delivery:

    • Will you be exclusively breastfeeding?
    • Do you want to consider formula at any point during the hospital stay?
    • Do you want to speak to a lactation consultant? (I recommend you do this asap if you are going to exclusively breastfeed). 
    • Does your pediatrician visit the hospital? If so, make sure to have them called by your nurse so they can come visit you in the hospital.