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Packing Your Hospital Bag

    You really do NOT need a lot of stuff. I had packed so much stuff that I barely used. Tons of things we mamas have to do before delivery, do NOT stress over the hospital bag!

    Here is what you really need to know about packing your hospital bag!

    Essentials for MAMA: phone charger, battery pack, bathroom slippers, going home outfit, snacks, extra bag to take home any essentials (pads, ice packs, disposable undies, etc) that the hospital gives you – TAKE TAKE TAKE. 

    Essentials for MAMA during labor: I would say you NEED NOTHING. You will be in a hospital robe, music can be played off your phone, you can always ask for chapstick/lip balm from the hospital. 

    Essentials for DAD: phone charger, battery pack, comfy pillow, change of clothes, snacks. 

    Essentials for BABY: going home outfit. That is all your baby needs! 

    I hope this helps!