Here is a list of pregnancy readings I made for those sleepless nights ???? My OB appts are quick, less than 10 minutes, and I never felt I understood what I should be expecting or doing. So I started to talk to my friends, read books, and listen to podcasts.

I am sharing the many books my friends and others recommended. I have dived into some of them and will eventually review them as well for you all!  Most of these books are about caring for babies but a few with an asterisk * are about what to expect during pregnancy.

Here is a list I made:
– Bringing up Bebe
– 12 Hours by 12 weeks
– The happiest baby
– The New Basics from A-Z
-*What to expect when your expecting
– CribSheet
– NurtureShock
– Brain Rules for Baby
– Latch Baby
-*Mindful Birthing
– The Wonder Weeks
– *Expecting Better
– The Awakened Family

I def wont be able to read all of these but they are on my one day to do list ????????