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My take on Extra Virgin Olive Oil

    What is EVOO?! Extra Virgin Olive Oil… It is the juice of the fruit olive!

    Why do we want to talk about olive oil?! It is one of few oils I have in my home. It has many benefits including antioxidants (from polyphenols). Can you cook with it?! Yes, it can be cooked at a high temp. The primary fatty acid in olive oil is oleic acid which can be cooked at high heat.
    Most of the olive oils at grocery stores and restaurant is mixed with GMOs and other oils (seed, vegetable, etc) but advertised as extra virgin olive oil and sold at extra virgin olive oil prices! ???? This means it is not all extra virgin olive oil!
    What to look for when you buy?!
    – Harvest date not the expiration date. Choose the bottle that was recently harvested.
    – Look for an oil that is in a dark glass bottle, clear bottles will allow more light through the bottle. Sunlight will destroy the oil faster.
    – Store the oil away from light at room temperature, not above the stove! It gets hot up there!
    – The benefits of olive oil decline as the oil ages! Some of the store-bought olive oil does not include harvest dates, so you may be purchasing an olive oil whose beneficial qualities are already minimally present and potentially destroyed with time.

    Where to buy?! Trusted source! Make sure you look for ones that are certified.

    **There are many studies that show EVOO may be beneficial for your heart and much of the fat content in EVOO is monounsaturated fat. So it is not as bad for you as saturated fat. I say consume everything in moderation!