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My Pregnancy Must Haves….

    Because not all of us know where to find the resources! I know I had a hard time figuring out what I needed and what I did not. 

    Here are some of my must haves:

    ⭐️ Prenatal Vitamins – make sure you talk to your OB about brand and ingredients! I chose one with at least 600 micrograms of Folate.
    ⭐️Safe beauty care – I ditched the products with retinoids, steroids, and tried to just use clean products. Again, talk to your OB and Dermatologist about your current skincare.
    ⭐️Belly Oil – While stretch marks are genetics we can do a little to be be proactive. I found an oil that had almond oil as the key ingredient.
    ⭐️Pregnancy Pillow – saved my life especially because I am a tummy sleeper. Prevents me from rolling onto my stomach and so comfy.
    ⭐️Maternity Tights – lots of them! I basically live in tights. super comfy!
    ⭐️Weights, yoga mat, and ankle weights – because even if the gym was open I may not have the energy to make it there in third trimester. Having equipment at home makes for super easy workouts.
    ⭐️Belly buds – using this to play music for the baby!
    ⭐️Huge Water bottle – staying hydrated is a must! I track my water intake and throw chia seeds in there for extra hydration and nutrition! I let the chia seeds soak in the water for approximately 20 minutes.
    ⭐️Belly Bands – to make those jeans fit during the first few months and then another band to protect my back for third trimester.
    ⭐️Apps – I use @thebump and @oviahealth to track how far along I am in the pregnancy. It is nice to know what is going on with the baby at every stage.
    ⭐️Vitamins – I am low in Vitamin D and B12. So if you happen to be low, ask your doctor about supplementation.
    ⭐️Meditation app – been using @zivameditation and @headspace so as not to have my cortisol running high!
    ⭐️Schedule – I try to create a schedule of fruits of veggies so I do NOT go days without either. Planning out nutritious meals def has helped me keep up with getting enough nutritious food!