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How I Decided My Mangalsutra Design

    In the Hindu tradition, a mangalsutra is an ornament that symbolizes marriage. It is a necklace worn by women to signify marital status – similar to a wedding band. A mangalstura is a golden and black beaded necklace with a pendant worn by a married woman. The groom adorns the mangalsutra on his bride during the wedding, similar to placing a wedding band on her finger.

    I wanted the design to my mangalsutra to have some sort of significance, especially since I will be wearing it forever. So I designed one that meant something to both of us – a pendant with Jewish star of David and Hindu Om.

    It was made by a small jeweler in India. Later my parents asked mark what kind of wedding gift he would accept from them – he asked for the same pendant for himself. So we both wear a pendant with our religion embedded together.