Groom and his Groomsmen doing a BOLLYWOOD dance

I wanted to share my favorite memory of our wedding!!!

My husband and his friends embraced my culture and did a Bollywood dance at our wedding!! This group of NON Indians totally shocked us with their incredible performance!

My husband and his friends have NEVER done a choreographed dance before let alone in another language and style!

I picked my favorite Bollywood song of the 80s for them ???? I could not be more proud and thrilled.

They learned this all from a video that was sent to them! Most of them don’t live in the same city or even the same state! They practiced over FaceTime, they practiced on their own, and put together this out of this world BOLLYWOOD DANCE!

I have watched this video over a 100 times and my friends and family still are talking about what an incredible job they did. We were all blown away by their performance.

Choreographed by my talented friend Rohit Gijari