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Bridal Henna

    My one arm depicts a female Indian dancer and the other a man playing baseball!

    Dance is an important aspect of my life and who I am! Baseball is a huge part of Mark’s life. I would have considered dedicating more time to dance had I not decided to pursue medicine. Mark would have definitely probably pursued professional baseball had he not injured his shoulder!

    The last two years in a row I dedicated many evenings and weekends for a few months practicing dance to perform. Mark was super supportive and understanding during this! I could not have participated in the dance shows and been present for practices without his support!

    Mark dedicates many weekends watching baseball, some days going to games, or recently has been wanting to join a group to play for fun!

    I chose those two motifs as part of my wedding henna design because each of our passions is a huge part of our relationship! Pursuing our hobbies that keep us active is an important part of our health and wellbeing! It even effects our happiness!

    An important factor in couples staying active and healthy is the support of their partner! Sometimes we forget how important and powerful we are in our partner’s life. Encouraging healthy habits, hobbies, and activities can be life changing for your partner.

    Henna Design: Dancer, Baseball Player, and of course the hindu tradition of hiding the grooms name in my henna design!

    Outfit: Designed by me, made by a boutique tailor in India

    Location: my parents house night before the big henna party! I wanted to enjoy the party so I got my henna done the night before. This way I can enjoy being around my guests and can dance freely without having to worry about ruining my henna!

    Who: I had Rachana Desai in LA do my henna on my arms and my aunt for my feet/legs.


    • Top: Wear something that can easily be removed without ruining the henna
    • Bottom: Wear a shorter length skirt or lengha for easy application on hands and feet.
    • Keep my hands dry that day. I didnt put lotion on my hands all day prior to placing the henna
    • Lemon and Vicks application on the henna when the henna has dries
    • Lemon and Sugar application while its drying.
    • Not washing my hands with water until the next morning.
    • Keep hands warm by placing them in socks or mittens overnight.