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Our First Dance, Our Bollywood Dance!

    Our first dance as a married couple and our first time doing a Bollywood dance together! The best wedding gift was him whole heartedly embracing my culture and my love for dance!

    Our first song was sang live by our band. We both absolutely loved this song. We wanted to start with the traditional slow dance….and then we decided to spice it up a bit with transition into a Bollywood Dance.

    For our Bollywood dance I picked my favorite song to dance to when I was growing up by one one of my favorite Indian artists – Hamma Hamma by A.R. Rahman! I choreographed this and he picked up the moves so quickly!

    Tips for your wedding Bollywood dance:

    1. Pick a song that has some sentimental value.
    2. Pick a song that is upbeat and will get the audience clapping and also wanting to get up and dance.
    3. Make a medley of Bollywood songs to dance to- try to use a minute of each song you pick. This ensures variety and the audience wont get bored.
    4. Try to keep the choreography simple. You have tons to do leading up to the wedding day. It is a stressful time, so keep the moves easy for both of you to remember!
    5. Most importantly have fun with your partner! Practicing for your dance should be a fun activity and helps with de-stressing from all the wedding planning.