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Why Emergency Medicine?

    Why I chose to be an emergency medicine physician

    ????Diversity: I love medicine and to be honest I love it all! As an EM doctor, I get to do a little of everything! In one day, I could be caring for a patient with an ectopic pregnancy, aortic dissection, stroke, and a broken bone! I also get to see patients who need the occasional medicine refill or assurance that they will be ok!

    ????????Pediatrics & Adult: As an em doctor, I am trained to treat adults and children! This was important to me as I really was debating doing pediatrics! ????Challenge: I never know what type of patient I will get. The knowledge that is required to be an EM doctor is vast. We have to be able to think and act quickly and efficiently……..From being able to effectively treat a brain bleed to drug overdoses!

    ????Teamwork: I get to work with nurses, residents, students, techs, PAs, and admin all the time! I also get to constantly be in touch with people of all specialties! Every speciality usually ends up at some point contacting us or coming to treat a patient in the ED! If you are a social butterfly, this may be place for you ????

    ????Hands-on! We get to do many procedures – ultrasound, central lines, suture, intubation, chest tubes, paracentesis, arthrocentesis, and much more!

    ????Satisfaction – The ED is where many patients and families find themselves at their most vulnerable state. To be able to help people when they need it the most is the most humbling and greatest feeling there is.

    ????Shift-Life- Work as much or little as you want! You can work days or Nights or even both! You can work at one or two hospitals at the same time! You can work at an urgent care or trauma center! There is a lot of flexibility in EM! I love knowing that I have options!

    ❤️ The most important reason for choosing EM for me was that it felt right! I enjoyed It! I was happy. I felt in my element. I worked so hard first part of my life thus far to be a doctor, I owed it to myself to pick a speciality that was right for me! . . .