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How to Battle Jet Lag?

    I go cross country often and try to travel as much as I can. Not adjusting to the time zone can really effect travel especially if it is for work! No one wants to be groggy while negotiating, giving a lecture, or trying to enjoy a fun destination!

    So what really is jet lag?! It is a temporary sleep disorder. Why does it happen? Rapid travel throws off our circadian rhythm . So how do we battle jet lag?

    ???? Get on the time zone: if you land and it’s dinner time, eat dinner. If it’s night time, sleep. If it’s lunch, eat lunch.

    ???? Fast while traveling. Try not to eat junk food, alcohol, or anything really while flying. It may not throw off your rhythm and all the alcohol/junk food will feel worst when jet lagged.

    ????Sleep Debt: try to stay awake if you land during the day time! You may be sleep deprived, but you will sleep much better with sleep debt. It will get you back into a normal schedule.

    ????Start prepping for travel by slowly shifting your sleep schedule to the time zone you are traveling to!

    ????Expose yourself to sunlight! It will help regulate your circadian rhythm.

    Hope this helps! Enjoy your travels!