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Bride’s Dance

    I decided to do a surprise wedding dance for my husband.  I mean how can I not, I have danced my entire life…so i have to dance at my wedding right?!

    My Bollywood dance for Mark during our wedding week at our henna night! It was always my dream to dance at my wedding and with my lifelines (my little cousins) .

    Song: The first sign is Pardesiya! It translates to “Oh Pardesiya, what everyone is saying is true… I have my heart to you” Pardesiya means someone of a different background or from a different country!The song was perfect for Mark being Jewish and me Hindu! .

    Outfit: My family tailor in India made the skirts for us! I sent him exactly what I wanted drawn and he created it. Top is from @asos I found it on sale months before the wedding and it went perfectly well with the skirt! .

    Where: My parents house in California for one of the first big events of our wedding. It was the henna party where women were putting on henna with tons of dancing, food, and drinks. It was the first time Mark’s extended family met my extended family! .

    Who: I danced with two little cousins. Literally my lifelines. I choreographed this song but they learned it in less than 2 hours!